Pancakes, waffles and more!

WELCOME to the Pancake and waffle shack – home of the most delicious desserts around!

Pancake & Waffle Shack Food And Model

About us

If you do not have a sweet tooth do not worry, we have a large range of savoury treats, such as pizzas, breakfast and burgers! Whilst you are waiting for your food to cook why not try one of our milkshakes or smoothies.

We have 11 different pancake and waffle options: from the classic sugar and lemon with the ultimate favourite to a chocolate overload with the Guilty pleasure! If fruit is more your thing, we have a great range of fruit topped desserts too!

If savoury is what you are after, then we also have you covered! We have a range of pizzas from the Margherita to the Shack Special. We also have a great burger selection (some require a big appetite!!)

If you want a savoury meal but want enough room to have one of our desserts too – then take a look at our ‘Shack Snacks’ from fries to nachos from garlic bread to Caesar salad – so everyone can be invited!

With 26 different milkshake options, there will be a combination that everyone will love with 22 different chocolate bars to choose from to make the most perfect shake! There is also the option to have the more basic option with just the ‘vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana.’